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2022 Gala: An afternoon with
artist Len Tantillo

May 22, 2022, 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Tighe's Bistro Américain

Sand Lake Historical Society

list of 2022 Gala sponsors 2022 gala poster for SLHS

Our thanks to everyone who attended our
sold-out Gala on May 22!

Thanks also to

Kevin and Janice Tighe and the staff at TBA

Len Tantillo
Alice and Harold Howard
Robert Moore and Christina Malone
Laura White-Rivers
June Foltz

Jackie Tremont
Mike and Nancy Perry
Sharon Dawes
Holli and Drew White
Bruce Mareness and Dawn Vink
Scott and Claudia Bendett
Jeanne Stewart
Mary LaFleur
Andrew Mace

SS&P Wine and Liquor Warehouse
Arlington House
Crossroads American Grille
Towne Tavern

Tremont Ace Hardware
Young's Pharmacy and General Store
Lakeview on Crystal Lake
Old Daley

...and the many Sand Lake Historical Society members
who helped organize and set up!

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