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WWI honor roll monumentAt left is an image (click on image to enlarge; names below) of the World War I Honor Roll monument that stood for many years in front of the "Central School District No. 1" building in Sand Lake. Since 2011, it has stood at the Sand Lake Veterans Park on Route 43 near the current High School.

The American entry into World War I came in April 1917. At the time, the U.S. Army was small compared with the mobilized armies of the European powers. As late as 1914, the federal army was under 100,000, while the National Guard (the organized militias of the states) numbered around 115,000. The National Defense Act of 1916 authorized the growth of the army to 165,000 and the National Guard to 450,000 by 1921, but by 1917 the federal army had only expanded to around 121,000, with the National Guard numbering 181,000.

By 1916, it had become clear that any participation by the United States in the conflict in Europe would require a far larger army. While President Wilson at first wished to use only volunteers to supply the troops needed to fight, it soon became clear that this would be impossible. When war was declared, Wilson asked for the army to increase to a force of one million. Indeed, six weeks after war was declared, only 73,000 had volunteered for service. Wilson accepted the recommendation by Secretary of War Newton D. Baker for a draft. Under the guidelines set down by the Selective Service Act, enacted by the 65th Congress and effective May 18, 1917, all males aged 21 to 30 were required to register for military service. [from Wikipedia]Governor Whitman's proclamation

The Troy Times for Tuesday Afternoon, July 17, 1917, published “County Names. Eligible For Draft In Division Two. The Towns Included. The List With Serial Numbers of Men in Hoosick Falls and Other Towns — Should Be Kept For Reference.

“The Times herewith publishes the names, with serial numbers, of men in Division 2 of Rensselaer County subject to draft, the drawing for which will soon take place at Washington…The list should be preserved so that when the numbers are drawn in Washington the names can be readily determined.”

Here are Town of Sand Lake names (with serial numbers) culled from that list, sorted by “hamlet.” Many familiar surnames from the Town appear on this list. (NOTE: Names in italics here appeared on the Honor Roll monument above. At right is Governor Charles S. Whitman's Proclamation for a State Military Census requiring anyone between the ages of 16 and 51, with certain exceptions, as of June 11, 1917, to "take the census and inventory and enrollment..." Those "exceptions" included those already in military or naval service in the US, persons incarcerated for felonies or in State or private hospitals for the insane, and "Indians having a permanent residence on Indian reservations within the State of New York." Click on the image to see a larger version.

AVERILL PARK: 1365. Devere H. Castle*; 1362. Edward Evers; 1366. Stanley Stephens; 1375. John Miller; 1380. Edward Arnold; 1381. Darwin Yerdon; 1382. Edward G. Claren; 1383. Joseph W. Wiegand; 1387. Harold F. Dustin; 1390. Charles O. Ernst; 1391. Norman F. Taylor; 1394. Joseph H. Fischer; 1396. Delton H. Flint; 1397. Fred A. Graffunder; 1398. Howard H. Hull; 1399. Henry F. Swankey; 1400. John Hoffman, Jr.; 1401. Walter C. Swankey; 1408. James R. Ives; 1404. Gordon D. Hull; 1405. George W. Houser; 1406. Charles H. Heffner; 1483. John H. Ackner; 1485. Clarence Appel; 1486. Charles H. Werger; 1487. John C. Abel, Jr; 1488. William Wallace; 1439. John I. Brown; 1490. John C. Warger; 1493. Walter Teal; 1496. William J. Bailey; 1499. Leonard J. Cann; 1501. William H. Cusack; 1502. Andrew M. Sowalskie; 1503. George H. Calkins; 1504. Joseph F. Stout; 1505. William F. Calkins; 1506. Leroy F. Smith; 1507. George H. Cann; 1508. Lester G. Smith; 1509. Glenn Casey; 1512. Henry C. Stanley; 1513. William H. Deckett; 1515. Edward Deckett; 1517. Henry H. Suppes; 1518. Josiah O. Dawes; 1519. William Eaton; 1520. Amos Shelby; 1523. Frank G. Evers; 1525. Joseph Filkins; 1526. Joseph Rogers; 1528. John M. Rubeck; 1529. Albert Flaxmyer; 1532. Charles W. Gifford; 1533. Emil Nesen; 1537. Charles W. McClellan; 1538. Colin W. Garstang; 1539. Earl S. Mohl; 1540. Lawrence J. Gruber; 1541. Edwin B, Herrington; 1542. John E. McCarthy; 1544. Michael J. Miller; 1546. Frederick Momrow 2nd; 1547. Percy E. Horton; 1549. Frank M, Hack; 1550. Wilbur H, Lasch; 1551. Frank W. Horton; 1552. David Latson; 1554. Henry L Karl; 1556. William H. Karl; 1557. George Hogle; 1560. Charles H. Horton; 1600. Fred H. Gentner [Grafton-Averill Park]; 1623. Frank H. Beach; 1630. Stanley A Shepard; 1644. Walter C. Stock; 1684. Orin J. Meddaugh.

* Pvt. Devere H. Castle (Army) is listed on the World War I Roll of Honor: Rensselaer County, New York as “R. F. D. 2, Poestenkill, N. Y.”; died of pneumonia, October 25, 1918.

SAND LAKE: 1484. John Dudar; 1491. Dennis B. Warren; 1492. Otto E. Bower; 1494. Harry E. Brown; 1498. Clarence C. Bailey; 1500. Frank Smith; 1510. Clarence Dobert; 1516. Aaron F. Dibble; 1522. Charles S. Rundle; 1524. Frank Lyman Esmond; 1527. Leslie W. French; 1531. Enoch L. French; 1534. Archie J. Goyer; 1543. Clarence O. Horton; 1548. Guy M. Lester; 1556 Walter J. Heffner; 1558. Fred W. Horton.
TABORTON: 1322. Charles E. Smith; 1329. Willard H. Momrow; 1331. Walter G. Momrow; 1495. Charles H. Teal; 1497. Albert J. Teal; 1511. Frank Snyder; 1514. Andrew Snyder; 1521. Daniel Engwer; 1530. Louis Palmer, Jr.; 1535. August L Meyers; 1553. William Hoffay. Jr.; 1559. Reinhard Iffland; 1561. J. George Iffland.1918. The American Legion post in Averill Park is named for him.


WEST SAND LAKE: 1356. Wm. H. Taylor; 1378. Michael A. Murphy; 1408. Peter Zeramian; 1409. Harold L. Abbott; 1410. Shirley B. Zweig (misprinted in paper as Ziveig); 1411. Elmer Angle; 1412. Sydney A. Wallace; 1413. Justin J. Burwell; 1414. Chas, W. Whiteford; 1415. John F. Bradwell; 1416. Burton Van Buren; 1417. Nelson A. Brookner; 1418. John G. Utz; 1419. Elmer C. Barnes; 1420. Haig Tapalian; 1421. Arthur A. Shaver; 1422. Clarence P. Binck; 1423. Ernest H. C. Sweet; 1424. Geo, West Bradwell; 1426. Wilson F. Shillinger; 1426. Clarence E. Bame; 1427. Edward Sonkes; 1428. Wm. H. Bradwell; 1429. Chester H. Sparr; 1430. Wilbur J. Bower; 1431. Arthur Reynolds; 1432. I. Raymond Cipperley; 1483. Seymour J. Ryemlller; 1434. Clayton J. Coons; 1435. Benton F. Rudhill(?); 1486. Ernest Coons; 1437. George Darian; 1438. Henry L. Roaser; 1439. Armenag Darian; 1440. George Etman; 1441. Arthur J. Ruppert; 1443. Frederick A. Kessler; 1444. Gilbert C. Fisk; 1445. Huran Oumedian; 1446. Floyd L. Foster; 1447. Chas. H. Miaski; 1448. George M. Fellows; 1449. William A. Green; 1450. Joseph N. A. Miaski; 1451. Zenas Greenman; 1452. Sylvester L. Hermance; 1453. Oliver Moran; 1454. Peter J. Hitch; 1455. Ervant Morlian; 1456. Arthur A. Hayner; 1457. Harry W. Miller; 1458. Henry J. Hempstead; 1459. Edmond A. Miller; 1460. Geo. I. Harrington; 1461. Vahan Morlian; 1462. Howard T. Hidley; 1463. Walter Martin; 1464. Harvey G. Higgins; 1465. Lester Middleton; 1467. Mugurditch Hatzakordzian; 1468. Stephen E. Miller; 1469. Joseph A. Hestrover; 1470. Herman G. Mastio; 1471. Harold H. Johnson; 1472. Maxim Kranz; 1473. Alfred V. Middleton; 1474. M. J. Keyes; 1476. Warren A. King; 1478. George E. Murphy; 1477. Harry R. Kinnicutt; 1478. Earl Lape; 1480. William E. Lape; 1481. Edward C. Lerch; 1482. Charles H. Laibach; 1536. Arthur J. Green.

Sand Lake World War I Honor Roll. (Note: Names in italics in this section appear in the Times article; it is presumed that the other names are those of man who volunteered. This monument was dedicated 6/30/30 and stood at the “Sand Lake School” until it was moved the Veterans Memorial Park in 2011.) Names on the tablet, in alphabetical order: Abbott, Harold L.; Acknour, Henry; Adams, Walter**; Adams, William; Albert, George; Angel, Elmer; Appel, Clarence; Bailey, Clarence C.; Baker, Walter; Bowman, Nelson; Brodt, Henry J.; Brookner, Nelson B.; Brown, Clarence; Brown, Henry E.; Brown, Phillip; Budesheim, Peter, Jr.; Caulkins, William; Clickner, Clarence E.; Cole, Howard J., Jr.; Cole, Howard J., Sr.; Coons, Clayton; Coons, Ernest; Crippen, John W.; Dawes, Josiah O.; Dibble, Aron F.; Dobert, Clarence; Effland, George; Engwer, Conrod; Ernst, Casper; Fellows, George M.; Filkins, Edward; Filkins, Lewis; French, E. Lloyd; Graffunder, Fred; Greenman, Zenas; Hall, Ralph; Hamm, Harold; Hayner, Arthur; Hess, Charles; Hest[r]over, Joseph; Hoffay, William H., Jr.; Hoffman, Adam W.; Horton, Charles H.; Horton, Frank; Lasch, Wilber H.; Latson, David; McCarthy, J. E.; McClellan, Charles W.; Middleton, Alfred; Mohl, Earl S.; Nash, Edward; Patchin, Nelson; Roaser, Henry L.; Roberts, John C.; Rubeck, Charles H.; Rupert, Arthur; Ryemiller, Seymour; Smith, Leroy; Smith, Lester; Snyder, Frank; Temple, William; Tifft, Harold; Uline, Charles; Warren, Dennis B.; Warren, Hugh; Weatherby, Jacob; Whiteford, Charles W.; Zweig, Shirley.

**Sgt. Walter A. Adams (Army) was killed in action, October 13, 1918

Below are details (and in some cases, images) of service records of those listed on the honor roll monument (where found), including when and where inducted or enlisted, organizations served in, grade(s), and other pertinent service information, culled from various sources, including notes submitted by Charlotte Carmon, more or less Sand Lake's first town historian. We are also adding draft registration records. Note that, according to a list of "Clerks Appointed By the Sheriff to Perform Work Outside the City of Troy—For the Federal Draft assist the draft registrars in the various towns and the city of Rensselaer" appearing in the May 23, 1917, edition of the Troy Times, the following Town of Sand Lake residents were listed: Flint and Gordon D. Hull; Sand Lake—First District, George Weinbrecht, Averill Park; Arthur Hack, Averill Park; Bert E. Martin. Sand Lake; Second District John G. Uts, West Sand Lake; A. E. Ferguson, West Sand Lake; Zenas Greenman, West Sand Lake.

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Left Side of Monument

a. middleton-draft recordAlfred Middleton: no information found


c. horton-draft recordhorton-record

Charles H. Horton: Drafted Sept. 21, 2917, Army Service, H.D. Co. 326th Infantry, U.S.A. In this country from Sept. 21, 1917, until April 29, 1918. Returned to Camp Merritt. Was discharged June 13, 1919. Medal received from the Town of Sand Lake. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as Charles H. Horton)

a. dibble-draft recorddibble-recordAron [Aaron] F. Dibble: Drafted May 1, 1918, Army Service. Service Co. I. 60th Pioneer Infantry, at Camp Dix, Delaware Powder Mills, Camp Wadsworth. Served as officer. Discharged Jan. 30, 1919. One medal from the people of Sand Lake. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as Aaron Dibble)

g. albert-draft recordalbert-recordGeorge Albert: Inducted Apr 5/18. Served 21 Co 6 Bn 153 Dep Brig to May 8/18; Co L 312 Inf to Discharge. Served overseas May 20/18 to Feb 13/19 Hon. Disc. Mch 3/19 (Form No. 724-1½, A.G.O., March 12, 1920)

Charles Hess – SEE: Donald Hess below

j. dawes-draft recordJosiah O. Dawes: no information found


e. angle-draft recordElmer Angel: no information found

warren-recordHugh Warren: Enlisted Regular Army Mch 21/18. Co F 105 Inf to disch. Served overseas May 17/18 to Mch 6/19. Hon. Disc. Apr 4/19. (Form No. 724-1½, A.G.O., March 12, 1920. Listed as Warren, Hugh A)

g.f. martin-draft recordfellows-recordGeorge M. Fellows: Drafted Aug. 9, 1918. Served with Battery E. 35th Regiment, Field Artillery, 12th Division, Camp McClellan, Ala. Discharged Dec. 20, 1918. (Charlotte Carmon notes)

filkins-l-recordLewis Filkins: Enlisted June 25, 1917, Army Service. Served in U.S.Medical Department, Transferred to 51st Infantry, Pioneer’s Supply Co., served 12 months in Camp Mead, Maryland, Camp Wadsworth, S.C. Camp New Paltz,N.Y. Served as Company cook, served 6 months in France, 6 months in Germany with Army of Occupation. Returned to Camp Mills, Long Island. Transferred to Camp Upton and discharged July 8, 1919. Received one Victory ribbon with bronze stars for battle engagement. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as Louis Filkins)

c. apple-draft recordappel-recordClarence Appel: Enlisted August 1917; Army Service in Infantry Co. I. 303rd R.D.Regiment, served 10 months, 17 days at Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass. In France 1 year, England 5 days, Canada 2 days. Sent back to Camp Mills Mineola, L.I. Discharged July 19, 1919, Received a Victory Medal in France and Sand Lake Medal. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as Clarence Apple)

w. hoffay, jr.-draft recordhoffay-jr-recordWilliam H. Hoffay, Jr.: Drafted April 4, 1918, Army Service. H.D. 2nd Co. 311th Infantry. Served two months Camp Dix, N.J. One year in France. Returned May 20, 1919, Camp Merritt, N.J. Discharged May 30, 1919. Received medal from town of Sand Lake. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as William Hoffey)

e.l. french-draft recordfrench-enoch-recordE. Lloyd French: Drafted July 20, 1917, Accepted August 10th, left for Camp September 21, 1917, Army Service. Served in Co. I. 303rd Infantry Co. B. 301st Supply Train, 76th Division. While in France Transferred to Co. C. supply train, 76th Division. Served in this country 10 months at Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass. In France 6 months, returned to Debarkation Hospital No. 51, Hampton, Va. Transferred to Camp Dix, N.J. Base Hospital and from there was sent to Government Hospital at Fort Porter, Buffalo,N.Y. Discharged March 18, 1919. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as Enoch Lloyd French)

f.a. graffunder-draft recordgraffunder-recordFred Graffunder: Drafted Aug 9/18. Btry D 36 FA. Discharged Feb 14/19. (Form No. 724-1, A.G.O., Nov.22, 1919. Listed as Graffunder, Fred A.)

w.h. lash-draft recordlasch-recordWilber H. Lasch: Drafted Army Service. Served in Depot Brigade, Receiving Attachments. Served 3 months and 15 days Camp Syracuse, Fort Ontario and Camp Dix. J. J. Discharged from Camp Dix, Nov. 15, 1918. (Charlotte Carmon notes)

d. warren-draft recordwarren-dennis-recordDennis B. Warren: Drafted Apr 4, 1918. 153 Dep Brig to Apr 20/18; Co A 307 MG Bn to disch May 16/19 (Form No. 724-1, A.G.O., Nov.22, 1919.)

charles mcclellan-draft recordmcclellan-recordCharles W. McClellan: Entered service Oct. 5, 1917, Army Service. Served in 302nd Field Artillery. Was at Camp Devens, Camp Herring, Ill. 9 or 10 months. Was a non-commissioned officer at France and England 10 months. Returned to Camp Devens and discharged May 7, 1918. (Charlotte Carmon notes)

e. mohl-draft recordmohl-recordEarl S. Mohl: Drafted Sept. 7, 1917, Army Service. Served in 303rd Infantry Co. A. Returned home in 161st Regiments Co. G.  Was at Camp Devens 10 months. In England one week, France 8 months. Returned to Camp Dix and discharged March 4, 1919. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as Earl Mohl)

p. brown-draft recordp. brown-recordPhillip Brown: Was drafted Sept. 15, 1917, Army Service. Served in Company F. 306th Infantry, 77th Division. Was transferred Dec. 21, 1918 to 315th Military Police. Was at Camp Upton 7 months, was in England 2 days, in France 14 months. Was discharged at Camp Upton July 11, 1919. (Charlotte Carmon notes; note also that Brown was living in Brooklyn at the time of his induction, but his birthplace was listed as "Taperton," likely just a misspelling of "Taborton")

tifft-recordh. tifft-draft recordHarold Tifft: Enlisted Regular Army July 26/17. MD Base Hosp 33 to Dec 12/18; MD to disch Mch 22/19. (Form No. 724-1½, A.G.O., March 12, 1920. Listed as Tifft, Harold C)

John C. Roberts: Drafted Dec. 10, 1917,Army Service. Served in the 308th Pack Train Co. Was 6 months at the following Camps: Fort Slocum, Camp Johnson, Fort Bliss, Camp Merritt. Was 14 months in France. Returned to Camp Merritt and Camp Upton. Discharged July 16, 1919. Received medal from Town of Sand Lake. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as John L. Roberts)

c. clickner-draft recordc. clickner-draft recordClarence E. Clickner: Enlisted Aug. 26, 1918, Army Service. Served in Division No.1, Rensselaer County, N.Y. Forwarded to Camp Gordon, Atlanta, GA. Received Corporal’s Warrant Sept. 30, 1918, Unit 23rd Co. 6th Training Batallion, 157th Depot Brigade, Transferred to Camp McClellan, Ala., with unit, Transferred to 20th Co., 157th  Depot Brigade. Discharged Camp McClellan, Ala. Dec. 19, 1918. (Charlotte Carmon notes do not include Clarance but inexplicably list an apparently unrelated Lucien E. Clickner of Troy?) More information on Clarence's service to follow...

roaser-recordh. roaser-draft recordHenry L. Roaser: Drafted Sept. 9, 1918, Army Service. Served in Medical Department Base Hospital 128. Served 6 months at Camp Servier, Camp Jackson, S.C. Discharged Feb. 14, 1919; Medal from Sand Lake. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as Henry Razor)

h. abbott-draft recordabbott-recordHarold L. Abbott: Drafted April 5, 1918, Army Service. Served in 78th Division Co. L. 311th Infantry. In France 13 months. Sent back May 24th, 1919 Camp Merritt, Camp Upton, discharged May 30, 1919. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as Harold Abbott)

s. reymiller-draft recordryemiller-recordSeymour Ryemiller: Entered Service Nov. 13, 1917, Q.M. Army Utilities, served 19 months. In this country 19 months, Camp Devens, Mass., Camp Meigs, Washington, D.C. and Camp Merritt, N.J., Camp Upton, L.I. Non-commissioned officer. Discharged June 13, 1919. (Charlotte Carmon notes)

n. brookner-draft recordNelson B. Brookner: Enlisted April 29, 1918, Navy Service, Quartermaster, 3rd Class. Served in this country entire enlistment, Wissahickon Barracks, Cape May, New Jersey. Was a non-commissioned officer, discharged Feb. 18, 1919. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as Nelson Brookner)

e. nash-draft recordnash-recordEdward Nash: Inducted Oct 13/18. Student Army Tng Corps Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy N Y to disch Dec 14, 1918. (Form No. 724-1 A.G.O., Nov. 22, 1919. Listed as Nash, Edward E)

c. coons-draft recordcoons-clayton-recordClayton Coons: Inducted Jun 18, 1918. Btry BN 11 Regt F A Repl Dep to disch. Dec 31/18. (Form No. 724-1 A.G.O., Nov. 22, 1919. Listed as Coons, Clayton J)

e. coons-draft recordcoons-ernest-recordErnest Coons: [Note: It is assumed that the Ernest Coons on the Form No. 724... at right is the same one listed on the monument. Note that his residence is given as E. Schodack, but he might have had an Averill Park or West Sand Lake mailing address?]

n. bowman-draft recordNelson Bowman: Enlisted Oct. 30, 1918, Marine Service. Served in 14th Regiments and ship duty. Was 9½ months at Paris Island and Norfolk, Va. In Brest, France, 3 months. Sent back to Virginia Navy Yards and discharged Nov. 20, 1919. Received sharpshooter’s medal at Paris Island. (Charlotte Carmon notes)

c. dobert-draft recordClarence Dobert: Enlisted Dec.13, 1917, Navy Service, served on Torpedo Boat, U.S.S.Woolsey, in training 2½ months, Newport, Rhode Island. Stationed in France 14½ months. Stationed in England 1 week. Stationed in Portugal 1 week. Stationed in Spain 1 day. Stationed in various ports on West Coast from Aug.6 to Dec.1919. Discharged San Diego Dec.19, 1919. (Charlotte Carmon notes)

budesheim-draft recordPeter Budesheim, Jr.: Enlisted Sept. 20, 1917, Army Service. Served 306th Machine Gun Co. Was also a Wagoner. Was at Camp Upton. In France 1 year 6 days. Was sent back in April to Camp Mills and was discharged May 9, 1919, at Camp Upton. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as Peter Budesheim)

Frank Snyder: (address unf. snyder-draft recordknown; Charlotte Carmon notes)



Henry E. Brown: h. brown-draft recordWas drafted May 27, 1918. Army Service. Served in the Pioneer Infantry Company M. Was one month in this country at Camp Spartenburg, S.C. In France 14 months and two months in Germany. Sent to Camp Dix, N.Y. Nov. 2, 1919, and was discharged Nov. 5, 1919. Received a medal from Sand Lake. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as Harry Brown)

e.c. ernst-draft recordCasper Ernst: no information found

uline-recordCharles Uline: Enlisted Navy. U.S.S. O’Brien 4-6-17 to 4-16-18; Receiving Ship San Francisco Cal 4-16-18 to 6-1-18 as Boatswain Mate 1 Class; Receiving Ship Mare Island Cal 6-1-18 to 10-19-18 as Chief Boatswain Mate; U.S.S. Robinson 10-19-18 to 11-11-18. Discharged from Naval Hospital New York, N.Y. 4-18-19. (Navy record; listed as Charles Luther Uline)

Shirley Zweig: no information found zweig-draft record



A name not on the Honor Roll Monument or any other list...

e. beebe-draft recordbeebe-recordJohn E. Beebe, Jr.: Enlisted in Marines. Paris Island. Quantico 6-18-18. France 7-8-18. 20-5th Reg 8-3-18. Repl 10-4-19. Engagements: Marbache S; St Miciel Of; Meuse Argonne Champagne. Killed in Action [Battle of Mount Blanc Ridge] 10-4-18. Exhumed from Argonne Cemetery France and Interned [at Sand Lake Union Cemetery] Oct. 14, 1921.

Beebe headstone at Sand Lake Union Cemetery Beebe photo; from Findagrave

Right Side of Monument

j.h. ackner-draft recordackner-recordHenry Acknour [Ackner]: Enlisted August 8, 1918, Army Service in 1st Co., Served seven months two weeks and two days, was at Cornell University and Boston Harbor, was discharged March 24, 1919. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as Henry Ackner. Listed as Henry J. Ackner on Form No. 724-1, A.G.O., Army record)

a.w. hoffman-draft recorda. hoffman-recordAdam W. Hoffman: Drafted Aug. 15, 1918, Army Service. Served in 12th Regiment. Served 3 months in this country, 2 months at Cornell University, Ithaca, 1½ months at Camp Jackson, S.C. Discharged Dec. 2, 1918. (Charlotte Carmon notes: name appears as Adam Hoffman)

smith-leroy-recordLeroy Smith: Drafted May 27, 1918, Army Service. Served in 2nd Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun Batallion Co. B. Was at Camp Wadsworth, CS.C. from May 27, 1918, to June 22, 1918. From June 23, 1918, at Camp Hill, Newport News, V. to June 29, 1918. Served in France from June 30, 1918, to Feb. 21, 1919. Returned to Camp Dix, N.J. Feb. 22, 1919. Discharged March 10, 1919, at Camp Dix. (Charlotte Carmon notes)

smith-lester-recordLester Smith: Drafted April 29, 1918, Army Service. Served in Co. D. 13th Batallion, U.S.G. U.S.A. Was 9 months Camp Dix, Fort Niagara, Camp Holibird Was a Sergeant. Was discharged Jan. 25, 1919, from Camp Dix. (Charlotte Carmon notes)

c.w. whiteford-draft recordwhiteford-recordCharles W. Whiteford: Drafted Oct. 5, 1917, Army Service. Served Co. C. 303rd Infantry; served 9 months at Camp Devens. In France one year. Returned to Camp Devens from which discharged July 8, 1919. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as Charles Whiteford)

c.h. rubeck-draft recordrubeck-recordCharles H. Rubeck: Drafted Oct. 6, 1917, Army Service. Served in 303rd Co. H. Headquarter Attachment. Was 9 months at Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass. Was 9 months in England, France and Germany. Returned to Camp Mills April 5, 1919, Discharged May 12, 1919. (Charlotte Carmon notes)

c.c. bailey-draft recordClarence C. Bailey: Drafted April 23, 1918, Army Service, served in Co. L., 311th Infantry. Two weeks at Camp Dix, N.J. Discharged May 7, 1918 from Camp Dix, N.J. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as Clarence Bailey)

d. latson-draft recordlatson-recordDavid Latson: Entered service May 28, 1918, Navy Service. Served on ship known as U.S.S. Ex-Shubrick Coast Torpedo. Later named boat 15. Was in Pelham Bay Training Camp 6 weeks; then went on board ship as First Class Electrician and in Jan. 1, 1919, was made Chief Electrician. Released from active duty April 18, 1919. (Charlotte Carmon notes)

e. filkins-draft recordfilkins-e-recordEdward Filkins: Drafted Oct. 5, 1917, Army Service Co. B. 303rd Infantry to Feb 5/18; Co D 61 Inf. To discharge Nov. 22, 1919. (Form No. 724-2, A.G.O.)

(Charlotte Carmon notes: Drafted Oct. 6, 1917, Army Service Infantry 1st Class Private Co. D. 61st Infantry, 5th Division. Served in this country 6 months at Camp Devens, Mass. And at Camp Green, N.C. Served in France Luxenburg, 14 months. Returned to Camp Merritt, Base Hospital No. 41, Staten Island, N.Y., also Base Hospital No.31, Carlisle, Pa., discharged Nov. 22 1919.)

adams-william-recordWilliam Adams: Enlisted May 22/17. Co A 30 Inf to discharge. Engagements: Aisne; Chateau Thierry; Caampange; Marne; Velse; Meuse Argonne. Wounded slightly Oct 4, 1918. Served overseas from Apr2/18 to Aug 20/19. Honorably discharged on demobilization; Aug 25/19. (Form No. 724-9, A.G.O., Nov.22, 1919.)

adams-walter-recordWalter Adams: Enlisted May 22/17. Co A 30 Inf June 1/17 to Oct 13/18. Engagements: 2nd Battle of the Marne; Jaulgonne; Argonne. Served overseas from Apr2/18 to Oct 13/18. Killed in action Oct 13, 1918. (Form No. 724-6, A.G.O., Nov.22, 1919.)

z. greenman-draft recordZenas Greenman: Drafted My 28, 1918, Army Service. Served in Co. D. 52nd Pioneer Infantry; one week at Camp Wadsworth, discharged Jun 5, 1918. (Charlotte Carmon notes)

f. caulkins-draft recordFred Caulkins: no information found


n.h. patchin-draft recordWilliam Caulkins [Calkins]: Drafted May 27, 1918, Army Service, Served in Company C,323rd Infantry, 81st Division, Served May 27, 1918, to Aug. 6, 1918, at Camp Wadsworth, S.C. Camp Mills, Camp Upton and Camp Merritt. In France from August 6th to June 14, 1919. Returned to Camp Stewart, then to Camp Upton; discharged June 21, 1919. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as William Calkins)

w.f. calkins-draft recordpatchin-recordNelson Patchin: Drafted July 15, 1918, Army Regiment Battery A. F.A.R.D. Was at Camp Jackson, S.C. Discharged Dec. 31, 1918. (Charlotte Carmon notes)


hestrover-record hestrover-recordJoseph Hestover: Drafted May 27, 1918, Army Service. Served in Co.M.2nd Pioneer Infantry. From 27th of May until 30th of June at Camp Wadsworth, S.C. and at Camp Stewart, Virginia. Served in France and Germany from July 14, 1918, until Oct. 15, 1919. Returned to Camp Dix Oct. 15, 1919, and was discharged Nov.5 1919. Bronze Medal. (Charlotte Carmon notes: last name appears as Hestrover in records.)

Clarence Brown: no information found

Howard J. Cole, Sr.:  no information found

h.j. cole, jr.-draft recordcole-jr.-recordHoward J. Cole, Jr.: Inducted June 26, 1918. Served with 24 Co 152 Dep Brig to August 8, 1918; Camp AA Humphreys, Va. to discharge 12/13/1918. (Charlotte Carmon notes: Howard T. (?) Cole listed as “address unknown”)

h.g. hamm-draft recordHarold Hamm: [Harold G. Hamm] Drafted Aug.15, 1918, Army Service. Served in Co. D. 59th Ammunition Train, 4 months at Fort Adams, Rhode Island, discharged Dec. 13, 1918.

a.j. green-draft recordArthur Green: Drafted Sept. 21, 1917, Army Service. Served in Co.D. 301st Engineers, at Camp Devens 10 months, was a Corporal. Served in England 3 days, in France from Dec. 4th to May 27th and in Germany about 6 months. Returned to Camp Devens and was discharged June 21, 1919. Received a Victory Bar in France. (Charlotte Carmon notes)

e.j. mccarthy-draft recordJ. E. McCarthy: Entered service Dec. 11, 1917, Aviation Branch of service. Served in 825th Aero Repair Squadron. Was at Fort Slocum, N.Y. two weeks. In France from Sept. 1, 1918, to June 29, 1919. Discharged July 7, 1919. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as Edward McCarthy)

Walter Baker: no information found

e.j. hayner-draft recordhayner-recordArthur Hayner: Drafted Sept. 21, 1917, Army Service, Served in Co. B. 76th Division, Quartermaster supply Train Truck, 5 months at Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass. Discharged Feb. 13, 1918. (Charlotte Carmon notes)

Ralph Hall: Enlisted Sept. 26, 1917, Army Service. Served in Co. D. 39th Infantry, 4th Division 8 months at Camp Syracuse, N.Y. and Camp Greene, Charlotte, N.C., 13 months abroad. (Charlotte Carmon notes)

Wm. Temple: Drafted My 23, 1918, Army Service. Served A. Co. 28th Infantry, 1st Division. Served at Camp Gordon, Ga. and Camp Merritt,N.J. In France and Germany from Aug. 3, 1918 to Aug. 22, 1919. Left Brest, France,Aug. 33, 1919; arrived New York Aug. 30, 1919, to Camp Merritt N.J. Discharged from Camp Dix Sept.26, 1919. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as William S. Temple)

George Effland: no information found

Frank Horton: no information found

j. weatherby-draft recordJacob Weatherby: no information found


John W. Crippen: Y.M.C.A. Secretary. In France during 1918. First with Gievres Division S.O.S. Then at the Front with 90th Division; also went with the Army of Occupation into Duxemburg, Germany. Returned to Camp Upton,L.I. January 1919. (Charlotte Carmon notes: listed as Rev. John W. Crippen)

Henry J. Brodt: no information found

c. engwer-draft recordengwer-recordConrod [Conrad] Engwer: Government records showed a Conrad Engwer then residing in Troy, but his place of birth is listed as Taborton; we assume this was the same person as listed on the honor roll monument. Inducted at LB #2 Troy, NY on July 23, 1918. Assigned to 154 Dep Brig to August 10/18; Co G 71 Inf to August 26/18; Co C 11 Am Tn to discharge on Jan 14/19.

a.j. ruppert-draft recordArthur Rupert [Ruppert]: no information found


Several names do not appear on the Honor Roll Monument but were documented by Charlotte Carmon

d.g. hess-draft recordhess-recordDonald Hess: Enlisted Dec. 7, 1917, Naval Air Service. Served as Machinist’s Mate in Naval Air Service. Served at Bay Shore, Naval Base, Hampton Road, Pensacola and Rockaway Point. Discharged Aug. 19, 1919. Somme Offensive, Ypsus Lys, St. Mihiel, Muse Argonne. Sent back Jan. 1, 1919. Discharged Jan. 10, 1919. (Charlotte Carmon notes; might be same as the Charles Hess listed on monument?)

John F. Bradwell: Entered in service at Hoosick Falls, N.Y. Nov. 13, 1917; sent to Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass. On same date. Served in 3rd Co.1st Batallion Depot Brigade until Dec.1917. Transferred to Aviation Service at Kelly Field, South Antonio,Texas, in the 615th Aero Supply Squadron. Transferred to 226th Aero Service Squadron Feb.1st,1918. Sent to Hazelhurst Field Garden City, L.I.N.Y.April 6th,1918. Embarked for England June 30, 1918. Landed in Liverpool, England, July 7, 1918. Moved to South Hampton, England, remained three days; moved to Flowerdown, Winchester; remained 2 weeks; then moved to Marlborough, England, stayed 2 months; moved to Bircham Newton; stayed 1 month. Then moved to Segeford, England, remained until Nov. 25, 1918; then sent to Knotty Ash Can, Liverpool; embarked on Mauretania Nov. 31, 1918, landed in New York Dec. 6, sent to Camp Mills, Hempstead, L.I.N.Y. Then moved to Roosevelt Field, discharged Dec. 12, 1918. (Charlotte Carmon notes)

Additional names not on the Honor Roll Monument but found in a list compiled by the Sgt. Walter Adams American Legion Post, Averill Park, in 2012

james-bailey-recordJames H. Bailey: Pvt; National Guard. Mustered 3/30/17. Served overseas 5/18/18 to 3/6/19. Discharged 4/1/19.


engel-recordJoseph G. Engel: Inducted at Albany 7/21/18. Hq Det Hosp Center AEF to Oct 14/18; MD Base Hosp #68 to discharge 5/14/19. Served overseas 9/3/18 to 4/27/19.


Joseph L. Fitzgerald: ...


Maurice A. Foley:..


Frank P. McDonald: ...


Frank Morton: ...


Alfred N. Platt: ...


Paul C. Trumble: ...



-- expanded from Historical Highlights, Volume 44, Number 1, Fall 2017
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