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150-Year Celebration:
Zion's United Church of Christ
of Taborton

Church services were held in the log meetinghouse every two weeks beginning in 1852. An acre of land on which the meetinghouse was located was deeded to the trustees in 1865 with the stipulation that it be used for the sole purpose of the Evangelical Protestant Meetinghouse.

Extensive renovations were made in 1882, and the parsonage was dedicated in 1883. Services were in German until 1917 when they began in English. Zion's Church Cemetery is located on the hill behind the church.

Left -- an early picture of the church, courtesy Gordon "Gunny" Gundrum; Right - the church as it appears today (SLHS collection).

Two other churches were served in the later years of their existence by Taborton pastors. In the summer, services were conducted one week at the Dutch Settlement Church in West Berlin and on the alternate week at the North Road Church in East Poestenkill.

Zion's Church Hall (SLHS collection).

Services in North Road were discontinued after Rev. Oscar Egli's death. An epilogue in the Poestenkill Historical Society book, The Dutch Settlement Church, West Berlin, New York, notes services were still conducted there in August 1979. The Dutch Church was destroyed by arsonist fire in 1967. A replica of the former church was rebuilt and it again suffered a similar fate in 1982.

The Taborton Picnic, which began with a parade of the Sunday school children, is now known as Taborton Festivities. Over the years it has continued to be a traditional homecoming event for many to renew their Taborton roots.

Zion's Church Hall was erected in 1921 for Sunday school and church activities. Square dances were held on the second floor. Turkey suppers continue to draw crowds and are noted for their good home cooking and homemade pies.

For the Church's 150th anniversary celebration, a Memory Book was compiled, and on Sunday, September 14th, a special worship service was be held with Rev. Geoffrey Black, NYS Conference Minister, preaching.

A quilt was put together, displayed the day of the celebration and then hung in the sanctuary. It is a sampler quilt of Biblical blocks and blocks with pictures of the church and pavilion depicting how the buildings have changed through the years. There is also one block with the Lord's Prayer in German in honor of the church's German heritage.

Another initiative is a Meditation Garden with annuals and perennials for blooms during the entire growing season and a walkway with engraved stone blocks given in honor and/or memory of loved ones.

Congratulations to a church that was begun as a mission church to German settlers in America. The mission of your church family has now grown to include a wide extended family of service to your Lord. -- from the Fall 2002 issue of Historical Highlights

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