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Tell us your story!

Us is the Sand Lake Historical Society. Us can also be all of the people living in the Town of Sand Lake if you tell a story that we can print in Historical Highlights. The stories we would like to hear about concern events that happened to you or to someone in your family. Tell us about those funny, sad, tragic or historical things that happened C things that you and only you might know about.

Let us all know. Your story can be long or short. It can be about anything. Tell us about life on a farm: crops, tools, animals, buildings. Tell us about your school days: teachers, conditions, classmates. Tell us about military service: Army, Navy; Coast Guard, WAC's, WAVES; when, where; unusual buddies.

Tell us about your ancestors. How far back can you go? Tell us about your childhood: illnesses; games; friends. Tell us any story you care to tell us.

If you have any questions , suggestions, or comments, e-mail us. We would be glad to help.

Please C TELL US YOUR STORY! C from the Winter 1998 issue of Historical Highlights

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