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The Sand Lake Historical Society is putting together a book of remembrances by residents and businesses of the Town of Sand Lake so future generations will understand and appreciate all we went through during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’d love to include your story!

Did you have the virus, or:

  • Work from home or in an “essential” job?
  • Have a relative in a nursing home or sick with Covid?
  • Have children learning at home?
  • Have to close or make changes to your business?
  • Spend more time outdoors or doing home repairs?
  • Have some other experience you’d like to share?

Please submit your prose or poetry of 600 words or less describing your pandemic story. All experiences can be shared, whether they made you happy, sad, scared, crazy, brave, thankful, exhausted, etc. Submit your story or any questions to: Deadline for submissions is February 28, 2023.

(The Sand Lake Historical Society reserves the right to edit stories.)



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