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Members of the Sand Lake Historical Society have decided to tackle the preservation and restoration of the "neediest" of our markers. On this page, we'll keep you apprised of the progress. [Click on images to enlarge them]

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Trinity Lutheran Church

The marker in front of the former Trinity Lutheran Church (currently West Sand Lake Community Church)opens in a new window in West Sand Lake dates to 1938, when the (New York) State Education Department erected such markers across the State. When the first photo here was taken in the early 2000s, the marker was in good shape, undoubtedly having been refinished a time or two since 1938.

The intervening years, though, have not been kind to this marker. Weather and, likely road salt used to keep roads passable in winter, have taken their toll, and the cast iron currently shows a fair bit of rust and paint deterioration (second photo). Fortunately, there appears to be little or no damage to the lettering and detail!

On 4/18/2022, Brian Hunt from the Town Highway Department assisted SLHS members Mike Perry, Andy Mace and Bud Whitney (not pictured here) in removing one very heavy cast-iron marker from the pole. It was transported to ASC Powder Coating in Rensseleaer for blasting to clean off the old paint and rust. ASC has generously donated not only the blasting, but also powder-coating in the base blue!

Historical marker for Trinity Lutheran Church in West Sand Lake.
State Education Department marker from 1938, seen in the early 2000s here.
Lutheran church marker 2022
The same marker in April 2022.

Trinity marker about to be removed from the pole 4/18/2022
Trinity marker about to be removed from the pole 4/18/2022

rusty pole
A very rusty but still solid pole, 4/18/2022
primed pole
The same pole primed for painting, 4/18/2022
pole repainted royal blue
Refinished in Blue, 4/20/2022. NOTE: Older markers tended to be a darker blue, while "modern" ones are this lighter "Royal" blue. As the powder-coated sign is that darker blue, the pole has since been repainted black.

UPDATE: The marker has been sandblasted and powder-coated in blue as of 5/7/2022. Our thanks to ASC Powder Coating!
Where did this (Trinity Lutheran) marker go sign
"Where did this marker go?" sign; post repainted black 6/8/2022

progress on the marker
Progress adding the yellow highlights (it will take two coats!), 6/5/2022. Mike Perry is applying the yellow.
progress on the marker; second coat of yellow
More progress adding the yellow highlights; second coat of yellow, 6/6/2022, again applied by Mike Perry.
Bud and Mike wrestle the cast-iron marker into place
6/10/2022: Bud Whitneyand Mike Perry wrestle the refurbished marker into place on the pole. The older cast-iron markers are very heavy!
Mike works to tighten the grub screws holding the sign to the pole
Mike works to tighten the grub screws
holding the sign to the pole!
finished Trinity Lutheran marker
The restored marker in place and with QR code plaque installed!!

Sand Lake Union

The Sand Lake Union Cemetery sign has suffered a fair bit from the elements in its nearly 20 years. Most concerning is some surface pitting and deterioration of "detail" (lettering in particular) due to corrosion. This sign, located at a spot with significant traffic (and, therefore, much salting in winter), currently is receiving a thorough and careful chemical paint stripping and will be refinished.

Historical marker for Sand Lake Union Cemetery in Sand Lake.
Marker as seen in the early 2000s here.
Sand Lake Union cemetery sign 2022
The same marker in April 2022.
Sand Lake Union sign shows some deterioration of the letering
Closeup of marker in April 2022 showing some pitting in the surface and deterioration of some lettering.
chemical paint stripper at work
Chemical paint stripper at work.
SLU marker stripped of paint
South face of the sign after stripping. Note blue "circle"; this might have been a casting flaw repair when first made?
SL Union Cemetery marker on display
Sand Lake Union Cemetery marker on display at Sky High Community Center on Sand Lake Cleanup Day, 5/7/2022
temporary sign at SL Union
Temporary sign at Sand Lake Union sign pole, posted May 2022

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