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Sheer Road District 1 School Site

On Sheer Road there is now an historical marker purchased by the Sand Lake Historical Society, showing where the very first one-room school house stood in the Town of Sand Lake. The school house for "District 1," also locally known as the Sheer Road School, opened circa 1895 and served students until 1929 when the Averill Park Central School District was established.

The site was dedicated on Tuesday, September 30, 2014. The SLHS trustees in attendance were Anna Church, Bonnie Hellum, Bob Moore, Mac McEvilly, Joe Ferrannini and Dee Erickson and former trustee Jackie Tremont. Also attending were Andrew Mace, Hollis McEvilly, Fred Erickson and Christina Malone.

The task of gathering sign information was given to Jackie Tremont, previously a SLHS trustee, and the support of SLHS president John "Mac" McEvilly, trustee Joe Ferrannini member Brian Bradley and the Town of Sand Lake Highway Department made it all come together.

dedication of district 1 marker on Sheer Road, Sand Lake Historical Society 2014
Above: Sand Lake Historical Society trustees and members attend the dedication of the marker denoting the site of the Sheer Road District 1 school house.

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