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COVID-19 Reopening New York Plan
August 2020


  1. Continue safely progressing the principles of the Sand Lake Historical Society (SLHS) to educate and promote preservation and conservation of the history and culture of the Town of Sand Lake and the surrounding area as best as possible in spite of limitations required by the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.
  2. Follow and enforce all Federal, State and local government COVID-19-related guidance and regulations while conducting SLHS programming and operations.
  3. Maintain flexibility and creativity in SLHS programming as required by the health conditions of the region and the Town of Sand Lake.
  4. Modify SLHS meetings, activities and programs as necessary to comply with State and locally directed COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.
  5. As COVID-19 conditions change, further modify SLHS activities either reducing current activity or expanding programs as/if needed or possible.

Program Plans

  1. Temporarily suspend SLHS monthly historical program presentations until SLHS can fully understand and best implement COVID-19 related guidance and regulations during the Fall of 2020.
  2. Consider conducting outdoor SLHS meetings and events where appropriate and manageable to both minimize COVID-19 risks and maximize safe seating.
  3. Expand use of online resources and public television to remotely promote, conduct and deliver SLHS meetings, events and presentations.
  4. Coordinate with affiliated groups such as the Sand Lake Center for the Arts in instance where coordinating COVID-19 compliance efforts could simultaneously conduct complementary programs in a far more efficient and effective manner. 
  5. Train all SLHS event volunteers on all COVID-19 health requirements and protocols.  
  6. Carefully limit attendance of SLHS events to current COVID-19 authorized levels and seating arrangements for the hosting venue via use of prior registration or ticket sales.
  7. Minimize use of cash transactions.

Operation Plans

Operate in full compliance with New York State Regulations and Guidance, as follows:

Physical Distancing

  1. Establish one-way directional entrances and exits as much as possible to and from SLHS meetings and events.
  2. Post one-way directional signs and markings as necessary to encourage and enforce one-way compliance.
  3. Place six-foot markings on the floor to enforce spacing of those waiting to use or view shared facilities such as exhibits, rest rooms, and registration and sales tables.
  4. Require all SLHS volunteers and attendees to wear face coverings during all SLHS meetings and events while not seated at least six feet from any other unrelated attendee. 
  5. Limit attendance to the maximum allowed by current COVID 19 guidance for the hosting venue and ability to comfortably maintain at least six feet of separation between unrelated attendees.

Protective equipment

  1. Masks required by all SLHS meeting and event volunteers and attendees at all times and worn when not seated at least six feet from another unrelated attendee.  Masks will be provided, if needed.
  2. Masks must be worn properly, when necessary, covering nose and mouth. 
  3. Training on how to properly handle and wear a mask provided to SLHS volunteers. 

Cleaning, disinfecting

  1. SLHS will ensure the public spaces and restrooms of its meeting and event venues have been cleaned prior to conducting a meeting or event at any venue.  
  2. SLHS volunteers will disinfect frequently touched areas at least hourly during the conduct of SLHS meetings and events lasting more than an hour and upon conclusion of the meeting or event.
  3. Hand sanitizer readily available in the meeting or event venue.
  4. Wipes available for volunteers and attendees (or paper towels and spray).


  1. SLHS event volunteers must complete a daily screening questionnaire before supporting the event and have temperature checked upon arrival. Volunteers experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should not report to the venue.
  2. Attendees will be advised via signs not to enter the venue if they have COVID-19 symptoms, recent contact with a COVID-19-positive person, or traveled within 14 days to areas identified by NYS quarantine.    
  3. SLHS will encourage its volunteers and meeting or event attendees to sign a log and provide potential contact tracing information.


  1. Signs posted on all entry doors informing meeting or event attendees of these requirements.
  2. SLHS website message regarding these requirements and a copy of the screening questionnaire.
  3. SLHS volunteers communicate all requirements to attendees as necessary.
  4. This written plan posted on the SLHS website and submitted to the State of New York via the Town of Sand Lake.

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