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As one might expect nearly half a century after its founding, the Sand Lake Historical Society has amassed a significant collection of documents, photographs and other artifacts related to the Town and its history. Meanwhile, one can trace the Town Historian's office back over a century [read more about the origins of the Town Historian's Office], during which time another significant collection has been amassed! For many years now, the two collections have resided at Town Hall, where efforts currently are underway to comprehensively organize and catalog both collections as well as to work towards more organized and safer storage and to make them more accessible, via a collections management product called CatalogIt.

While there is much more to be done, much has been accomplished, and the results to date may be seen by following this link:

Sand Lake Collections in CatalogIt opens in a new window

One might wonder about funding such efforts and collaboration between a municipal government and a (usually) not-for-profit organization such as a historical society. Rest assured, though, that there is more than sufficient legal precedent as outlined in §57.07 of New York State Arts and Cultural Affairs Lawopens in a new window.

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